About Us

OZ-SU, natural spring water which was started to produce in April, 1991, is one of the Pioneer brands that services in the packed water sector. OZ-SU NATURAL SPRING WATER is presented to the consumers from the source which is located in the Village Sasal Keler, the district D. Omer, that is far away from the damn Tahtalı in 8.910 m2 area.

FRIDA, that has the production principles without conceding about its quality and hygiene principles, is still going on technological investments to the international standarts, especially it gives importance environmental hygiene of basins which sources take water from.

FRIDA, with its large and rofessional distribution network, continues to transport to consumersin each region of Turkey with 0,5 lt – 1,5 lt - 5 lt - 10 lt bottled water and 19 lt biodegradable demijohn.

The Family Ozkul, FRIDA, transformed dream to the reality by taking over the factory of spring and mineral water, belonged to Salihli Municipility, in 2005; so it it has found the mineral resource which has searched for manuy years.

With the power from success gained at the packed water sector, FRIDA, starts to produce Natural Mineral Water and Spring Water, presents to the consumers Fruity Mineral Water kinds  that are produced in 200 cc bottles.

FRIDA has transported its products to the each region of Turkey with a new and different taste quality while meeting real fruit juice and natural mineral water in the same can fort he first time.

FRIDA has begun to use pasteurized filling technology for bottled water in 2011. It starts to produce the various products like ICE-TEA, FRUIT JUICE (-% 30) in 0,5 lt nad 1,5 lt in packs.

ISO 9001 | ISO 22000